Ways to save at the DMV

I was on my way to work Monday when out of nowhere those bright blue lights that everyone dreads were flashing in my rearview mirror. I had no idea why I was being pulled over, and the officer looked particularly annoyed getting out of her car (thanks rain) to talk to me.

The officer let me know my tags (decals on my license plate) were expired. I was genuinely confused, in the past I’ve gotten a letter in the mail letting me know it’s time to renew. She explained I’d only get the notice in the mail if my emissions were due. Now, I’m not one to disagree with the law but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten notifications every other year. Then again I could be ‘remembering’ those letters because I’ve never missed a renewal date before.

Needless to say, what a great way to start off a rainy Monday! I was given a $25 No/Expired Registration Fee ticket, and if I decide to prepay I have to add a $62 Processing Fee. Yep, just like that I owe about $87. I went to the DMV website to find the nearest location to get my tags renewed and stumbled across some new information I thought you should be aware of!

  1.  As of July 1, 2012 a $10 late fee is added if customers renew their vehicle registration (decals) from DMV after they expire. As long as Virginians renew before their decals expire, this new fee will not affect them. I look forward to paying this fee…
  2. SET UP EMAIL and PHONE REMINDERS FOR RENEWALS! Go to the DMV Online Transactions page HERE and have renewal reminders sent via text, email or phone call.
  3. If you renew your vehicle registration (decals) online, you’ll save $1. Renew HERE.
  4. A $5 fee is added to each vehicle registration renewal transaction conducted in DMV customer service centers. Avoid the fee by renewing online, through the mail, over the phone (1-888-337-4782) or at a DMV Select location.
  5. An exemption was extended for vehicles registered with clean special fuel license plates to continue to use certain High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes regardless of the number of passengers. During HOV-restricted periods, HOV-2 lanes require a minimum of two people per passenger vehicle and HOV-3 lanes require a minimum of three. However, vehicles bearing clean special fuel license plates may travel on certain HOV lanes regardless of the number of travelers in the vehicle. Learn more HERE.


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