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Online account management tools have modernized banking by making it greener, quicker and more convenient. Through a secure connection you can pay your bills, transfer funds, review your account balance and much more. Check out how you can keep a tab on your account when you are not close to a branch.

Online account management tools have modernized banking by making it greener, quicker and more convenient. Through a secure connection you can pay your bills, transfer funds, review your account balance and much more. Check out how you can keep a tab on your account when you are not close to a branch.

With a web browser and internet connection, you can save yourself a trip to the branch and take control of your finances. Simply login to NetBranch to review your account, apply for a Loan, transfer money, pay your bills, access eStatements and much more.

FREE eBill Payer**

Did you know you can pay all of you bills, or a person, using FREE eBill Payer within NetBranch Online Banking? Setting it up is as easy!  Simply enter the business or person you want to pay, set the amount and set the date. That’s it, you’re doneIf you are forgetful with everything else you have in life, you can setup recurring payments to avoid late or missed payments. This is your “bill paying assistant” and your best friend to ensure you never miss a payment.

 FREE Purchase Rewards

With Purchase Rewards, you’ll receive exclusive offers at participating stores and restaurants based on your current spending habits. To activate and view your offers, login to NetBranch Online Banking. Past deals have been for Starbucks, Five Guys, Sports Authority, Sears and more!

FinanceWorks allows you to categorize your transactions and set up budgets for future spending.  This user-friendly system will track your activity and send alerts and reminders to help you track your account goals.  You can link accounts you have with other financial institutions too for a complete financial snapshot, all in one spot!

FREE Mobile Apps*

With our FREE App for your iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle® or Android™ device, you have secure account access when you’re on the move. Not only can you check your balances, transfer funds and search for an ATM or Branch, you can deposit checks with FREE Mobile Deposit² and pay your bills with FREE eBill Payer!  See if an App is right for you; check out our Mobile Apps Demo.

FREE Text Banking

Access your account via text messaging. It’s a fast, easy way to get your balances and transfer funds.


¹Requires mobile Internet access from your device. The trademarks, logos and names of other companies, products and services are the property of their respective owners. ²Airtime and carrier fees per your contract/plan may apply. *Must be enrolled in NetBranch Online Banking and the primary or joint account owner. Use of Apple FCU’s Popmoney service and texting of funds to a mobile phone are FREE. For email transfers, a $1.25 per use fee is required. For direct deposit transfers, a $5.00 per use fee is required. The request money fee is $1.75. Airtime and carrier fees per your contract/plan may apply for funds forwarded to any mobile phone. **Some restrictions may apply.

Car Buying Checklist

From securing financing, to choosing the right vehicle and visiting a dealership, car buying can be a very exciting and stressful process. However, with a little effort, and the checklist below, you can create a plan which will help make your next vehicle purchase a much happier experience.

Set a Budget

Take a look at your finances to see what funds you have available. Will you trade-in your current vehicle or do you have money set aside for a down payment? The price of the vehicle extends beyond the sticker price. Don’t forget to calculate insurance, gas and maintenance costs too. Calculate how much car you can afford to find the price range that best fits your budget. Once you know how much per month you have for buying and operating a car, it’s time to find a car that fits that number.

Get Pre-Approved

Dealers are notorious for trying to focus your attention on the monthly payment (is it a payment you can afford?). That’s why having your auto loan pre-approved improves your chances of negotiating on what really matters: your new auto’s price. When you have a pre-approved auto loan, your monthly payment is none of the dealer’s business – so there are no games to play. You and your lender have already agreed to something, and the dealer just needs to decide if you’re offering enough for them to let go of the car.


No one wants to overpay for a car, but you need context to know you’re getting a good price. Free programs, like Apple’s Car Buying Service, powered by TrueCar®, makes it easy to access unlimited price and market reports, compare car features, see pictures, read reviews and check your trade-in value. You can also review the TrueCar Price Curve to see the average other shoppers have paid for the car you want, learn what you should be paying and discover what you could save off the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).


Once your loan is pre-approved and you’re ready to make an offer, it’s important to find a trusted dealer. “You know what you can afford and you have found a couple of cars that fit into your budget. Don’t allow a salesperson to push you into something else”, says Russ Heaps from “Keep your monthly budget amount to yourself. The salesperson doesn’t need to know it. Your goal is to find the right car and then negotiate down the purchase price. Don’t muddy the water by revealing what you can afford to pay per month.”


To more easily navigate the car buying process, use the checklist below. And remember, the folks at Apple FCU are always happy to help. With low-rate Auto Loans and Apple’s Car Buying Service we’re sure you’ll find the car you want, a price you can afford and enjoy a hassle-free buying experience.

Best of luck with your car shopping experience and happy hunting!


4 Tips to Help You Score a Scholarship

If college is in your future, consider applying for a scholarship to help reduce your tuition costs. Here are some tips to help improve your chance of being selected anytime you apply.

Find A Scholarship.

There are thousands of scholarships available so check out websites like the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, and Consider all of your options and to not discount smaller scholarships or organizations. Usually, small organizations who offer scholarships have less people apply which creates less competition. Plus, multiple small scholarships can add up quickly.

Prepare to Apply.

Create a skill resume. This valuable self-summary will allow you to talk about your abilities and what you can provide in the college environment. Be sure to tailor your skillset to the specific scholarship or organization where you’re applying. Read and follow all of the directions that are provided to you. If you cannot follow instructions you won’t likely be selected. When it comes to your references, be sure to give your teacher, counselor, instructors and supervisors time to write their recommendation letters. People are eager to help out, especially if you give them a reasonable deadline so they are not rushed.

Write an Awesome Essay.

Create outlines for each of your scholarship essays to keep all of your thoughts organized and concise. If you find that you have a hard time sitting and writing an essay, audio record your response and then transcribe the information. It is usually easier to write about something you are passionate about so try to keep that in mind when picking your subject matter for the essay. Also, be sure to give examples to strengthen your story and make it more believable. The most important thing whenever it comes to the essay is to proofread it…several times. Try reading the essay out loud to make sure it sounds right and have a few (trusted) people to review it as well.

Watch Out for Scams.

Unfortunately, there are some fraudsters out there who want to take advantage of students searching for scholarships. Take caution with any site that you review. If there is a site that is guaranteeing something or asking for you to pay money to get a scholarship, do not trust them. Also, do not trust anyone who is asking for your bank account, credit card, or social security number.

Good luck with finding the right scholarship for you. The Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation awards 30 deserving students’ $4,000 scholarships each year.  Find out if you’re eligible and apply by January 31, 2015.

Quick Tips for Buying your First Car

Buying a car is typically an inevitable purchase many of us have to make at some point in our life. New car excitement; unfortunately, is often balanced with the dread and stress of loans and dealerships.

There’s good news.

With a little prep work you can nearly eliminate the uncertainty you feel. Here are a few tips to help you lessen your stress, pay what you can afford, get the best deal and fall in love with your new set of wheels.

Find out what you can pay each month.

Take a look at your cost-of-living. Calculate what you spend on rent, food, insurance and what you would like to have in the way of “fun money.” What can you afford to pay for a car each month? This will include not only the car payment, but the insurance cost as well. Next, determine how long you want to make payments. Loan terms can be spread out from 36 to 72-months depending on how much money you put on the down payment, how much you are financing and what you can afford.

Figure out your cost of ownership.

Loan payments, insurance costs, gas, oil changes, maintenance costs and taxes should all be considered when calculating your monthly cost commitment. When you have better knowledge of where your money is going, you keep from being surprised in the long run.

Get pre-approved for your loan.

Don’t waste your time looking at cars you can’t afford. With a pre-approval you can focus on options within your price range.
Research your options. Keep an open mind. You may have your heart set on a $35,000 vehicle, but you can only afford to spend $10,000. Consider new and pre-owned options within your price range. Test drive several vehicles before you buy. You and your car will have a long relationship, you want to make sure it’s the right fit.

Get the negotiations out of the way.

You may hear conversations about how sitting through your first car deal can be daunting. Well, buying a car just got easier. There are free car buying services that allow you to shop online and avoid all the dealership negotiations and haggling ? often saving you money in the process. Simply, choose your make and model, pick the color, options/specifications and view all of the available incentives. The process is similar for used cars too. After you have decided on the car you are interested in, you get a certificate showing you the guaranteed price from a certified dealer. This includes the TrueCar® Price Curve which shows others have paid for the same vehicle. This information will help ensure you are getting a great deal.

Go finalize the deal.

At the dealership always review your contract details. Before signing, make sure you are comfortable with the terms. Ask the dealer to remove any add-on fees that you did not agree to.

Follow these steps and you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride knowing that you made smart choices, got the deal you deserve and did it completely on your own. Good luck.