Cheap Date Ideas for
Valentine’s Day

What do you do when you have been pinching pennies and you don’t want to splurge, even if it is for the one you love?

 You get creative.

Here are a few options to help you save big AND give your Valentine a date they’ll remember.

Stay in
Create a romantic evening in.  Prepare your date’s favorite meal or one that may be sentimental in some way (perhaps the meal you had on your first date). Cooking at home is always less expensive and it can be much sweeter if you add the little touches… think candles and flowers. Avoid the crowd and expensive movie theater. Create a spot to snuggle and enjoy a Redbox® film after dinner. The possibilities are endless.

Go old-school
Take a cue from nearly every popular romantic comedy and create a simple, magical moment. For example, go to an ice skating rink, hold hands and create your own story to share. A stolen kiss after a fall, topped off with a more info

hot beverage and some warm-up cuddling is an adorable, silly way to bring you closer. Plus, spending less than $50 on such an event will make your pocketbook smile.

Be adventurous
Think karaoke. Why this works…duets. If you are worried about an audience, there are places where you can rent out a room for a smaller venue for your voice like Lu-Lu Cafe in Centreville. Private rooms can become expensive, so get some other couples together and make it an event to share.

Sweat together
Cross the finish line together while running or walking a 5K. Run in your “bedroom best” at The Cupid’s Undie Run in Washington D.C. It looks like a blast, plus proceeds support the Children’s Tumor Foundation. If that is too race-y (pardon the pun) for you, there is a Couples 5K Run/Walk at Fort Belvoir.

Anything you think of can be a wonderful activity. Remember, the important part is that you are spending it with the one you care about.


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Valentine’s Day”

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