How to Properly Handle
a Car Accident

On average, 1 out of 26 licensed drivers are involved in a crash every day, according to the Virginia Highway Safety Office 2013 VA Traffic Crash Facts. Preparing and understanding how to handle a car accident ahead of time will help you act appropriately if the real thing happens. Read more about the steps you should take when an accident occurs:

  1. Stop. As soon as it’s safe to do so, move your car to a safe area away from traffic or put your hazard lights on to warn other drivers.
  2. Call 911 and/or the Police. If anyone is injured call 911. However, it’s good to have an officer at the scene whether anyone is hurt or not.
  3. Collect the other driver’s information. Gather information and write it down while the incident is still fresh in your mind, and in the minds of others. The information you should have are the names of the driver and passenger, the license plate number, insurance information, the make and model of the car, contact information, and the location of the accident.
  4. Take pictures of the scene and the accident with any kind of camera you have at the time.
  5. Contact your insurance to file a claim.

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4 Travel Tips:
Going Home for the Holidays

Mid-terms are over. Your brain feels hazy. You miss your friends and family. You crave a home cooked meal. You’re ready to go home. Sound familiar? Whether you plan to fly or drive, before you pack up, prepare for travel with these super simple tips.

Mid-terms are over. Your brain feels hazy. You miss your friends and family. You crave a home cooked meal. You’re ready to go home.

Sound familiar?

Whether you plan to fly or drive, before you pack up, prepare for travel with these super simple tips.

Reduce Airfare Costs.

Last minute airline reservations can be pricey. Fortunately, there are several websites that offer price comparisons – eliminating the hassle of shopping around. Loaded with steep discounts, STA Travel should be your first stop to shop. You can search sites like and to compare more pricing options too. Sites sometimes also recommend to wait a few days to make your purchase – potentially saving you a few more bucks. Plus, do not forget to ask for student discounts especially if you buy directly from an airline. You never know how much more you can save.

Prepare to Drive.

Make sure you and your car are ready to hit the road. Prepare to drive by getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to eat well and pack a few snacks or some extra cash for a quick bite. Avoid being stranded along the highway by checking your tires, oil, windshield wipers and other vehicle fluids. If you prefer the DIY approach, check out NAPA’s how to check fluid levels video.

Fuel Up.

Consider carpooling with a friend who’s headed in the same direction. Splitting fuel costs whenever possible will help you save. Save even more cash with sites like or phone apps like GasBuddy where you can see the lowest gas prices within your route.

Pack and Purge.

Take advantage of the trip back home and empty your closet of the things you don’t need or bring back some things you miss most. Whatever the case, grab an extra bag to transfer items back and forth, even if it’s simply to swap out seasonal clothing. Remember, you can switch the clothes back during spring break or a later holiday.

Use these tips the when you travel and stress-less during your next homebound visit. After all, you deserve a slice of pumpkin pie and an enjoyable time with your loved ones.



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Senior Beach Week Prep Tips

A little preparation will help ensure your beach week vacation is a blast. Here are some tips to help make your trip flow as smoothly as the ocean.

Consider going in a group

As summer approaches, hotel and rental property prices rise. Cut the cost by planning to spend beach week with a larger group of people. If you go with a larger group, splitting the price can help you save big. Think about staying in a location that has kitchen amenities too. You’ll save quite a bit of money if you make your own dinner instead of eating out all week. Share cooking with other guests – pasta, burgers, salad and pizza are typically inexpensive crowd-pleasing favorites.

Bring sheets and towels

If you’re vacationing with load of people, there may not be enough sheets and towels to go around. Check with your hotel, rental agency or travel agent to find out if you should prepare to bring your own. It is always best to be overly prepared in this department especially when you may need more for extra guests, showering and sand.

Check local calendars

Don’t miss out on an awesome concert, beach event or nightlife party. Cities have local calendars where they provide events and highlights of areas that can be hidden gems.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Don’t spend half of your vacation suffering from sunburn or worse yet, sun poisoning. No one wants to party with a grumpy lobster.

However you choose to celebrate your graduation, we hope you have fun and stay safe. Congrats Class of 2014!

Cheap Date Ideas for
Valentine’s Day

What do you do when you have been pinching pennies and you don’t want to splurge, even if it is for the one you love?

 You get creative.

Here are a few options to help you save big AND give your Valentine a date they’ll remember.

Stay in
Create a romantic evening in.  Prepare your date’s favorite meal or one that may be sentimental in some way (perhaps the meal you had on your first date). Cooking at home is always less expensive and it can be much sweeter if you add the little touches… think candles and flowers. Avoid the crowd and expensive movie theater. Create a spot to snuggle and enjoy a Redbox® film after dinner. The possibilities are endless.

Go old-school
Take a cue from nearly every popular romantic comedy and create a simple, magical moment. For example, go to an ice skating rink, hold hands and create your own story to share. A stolen kiss after a fall, topped off with a more info

hot beverage and some warm-up cuddling is an adorable, silly way to bring you closer. Plus, spending less than $50 on such an event will make your pocketbook smile.

Be adventurous
Think karaoke. Why this works…duets. If you are worried about an audience, there are places where you can rent out a room for a smaller venue for your voice like Lu-Lu Cafe in Centreville. Private rooms can become expensive, so get some other couples together and make it an event to share.

Sweat together
Cross the finish line together while running or walking a 5K. Run in your “bedroom best” at The Cupid’s Undie Run in Washington D.C. It looks like a blast, plus proceeds support the Children’s Tumor Foundation. If that is too race-y (pardon the pun) for you, there is a Couples 5K Run/Walk at Fort Belvoir.

Anything you think of can be a wonderful activity. Remember, the important part is that you are spending it with the one you care about.