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It’s a scary thing— getting out there and managing your finances on your own.
From opening your own checking account, to your first credit card there are a lot of questions that you may have— Where should I go? What are my options for financial institutions? What are the differences between banks and credit unions? How do I build good credit?
HowBoutThemApples hopes to address many of these questions plus the many odds and ends along the way. Excluding of course, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, as the world may never know.
Apple Federal Credit Union aspires to help you manage your money successfully by providing tips on managing credit, shopping, saving and insights on current events concerning financial institutions and young adults. Whether it’s minuscule spending at the movies (okay, that’s not so minuscule) or a larger commitment such as taking out a student loan, we can help you determine what will be in your best interest and your wallet’s. Oh and let’s not forget the occasional rant and rave on one of the many nuances of life and money.
Apple FCU isn’t only a credit union serving members of the education community; it is an educational institution, striving to educate its members on financial matters. Our Blog strives to do just that — learn— and laugh a little at the quirks of anything and everything somewhat money-related.
How Bout Them Apples? -Enjoy the blog!-


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