Unwanted Gifts? No Problem!

Now that the holidays are over, have you walked away with some gifts that have left you unsatisfied? You are not alone. Last year, 11% of people said that they either trashed or returned items that they really didn’t want.

Here’s how you can make the most of those unwanted gifts, and maybe make a little money in the process.

Return It

Some stores like Nordstrom, Walmart and Khol’s accept returns even if you don’t have a receipt. This isn’t a bad option if you know the where the gift was purchased. Don’t count on getting cash back though because you’ll likely be given store credit instead. Shop around and exchange the item or just hold out for something in the future.

Swap It

They may only cater to a type of product (electronics, movies and games at Goozex.com or books at BookMooch.com) but the process is simple. You place the items you want to swap and create a wish list. If someone wants your item, you earn points/credits and put that toward things that you want to acquire. They also offer alerts when an item you are looking for becomes available.

Sell It

Craigslist and eBay are wonderful outlets for almost any item you can dream of finding or in this case, selling.

If you get a gift card that you simply don’t want, consider selling it for something better. Visit a site like GiftCardGranny.com.  You may only get 85-92% what the card is worth, but that’s better than holding onto a card you’ll never use.

Donate It

Give your unwanted gifts or gift cards to charity. Make someone else’s day and walk away feeling good about your contribution.



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