Spring Cleaning: Moving from College to Home

So, you are getting ready for the next big move. You have completed your last term paper, your last final and now you have your degree. Everything should be “easy as pie” until you realize you have to move out. What is the best way to prepare for the move home? Here are some steps you can take to make it an easier, faster process.

Organization is Key: Begin by deciding what items you really want to take with you—think long-term. Categorize everything into “keep, trash, or give away” labels. If you’re unsure what to keep, try to visualize where that item will fit in your future accommodations. If you cannot figure out where it fits into the new location, consider giving it away or donate it to a Goodwill near you.

Don’t Toss Your Work: You may never want to take a second look at the project or paper you spent hours working on, but you never know when it could come in handy again. Sometimes future employers want to see what you are capable of and will request to see past projects—especially when you are starting out in your career. Use your best work to build your portfolio when looking for your first job. You never know when an old A+ research paper might help jump-start your career.

For the Sentimental: Consider making a memory box or scrapbook to commemorate your most precious college memories. As you pack, set aside a box for the items that mean the most—concert tickets, photos with friends, your first report card. Once you return home, you can figure out how best or organize your favorite items. Need some ideas of how to get started, look here for the starting steps or some inspiration.

Leaving college can seem overwhelming, but whenever you have a well thought out approach to the move, it can be a quicker experience than you think. Congratulations on graduation and good luck in your future endeavors.