Getting to know the world of coupon-ing

September was ‘National Coupon Month.’ I’ve never been able to get into the idea of clipping coupons each week, saving them in a binder, ending up portrayed as some crazy lady on a reality TV show where I buy 6 shopping carts full of unneeded groceries for $3…

But, I started to wonder – how much time and effort would it really take to save some big bucks at the grocery store? Luckily, you don’t have to go subscribe to a bunch of newspapers for those Sunday coupons anymore. Thanks to the internet, it’s relatively easy to hop online and start coupon-ing! So, I figured why not try out a few sites throughout the month and see if coupon-ing works for me.

I’ve listed three sites below that I found to match my ‘coupon-ing level.’ I don’t want to pay for super-secret-extra-special coupons, so all the sites listed provide FREE printable options. Some of them are apps for your phone, or have an app companion to the website. Before you get too excited and start signing up for each site, here’s one simple, yet great tip from the website

“Sign up with an alternate email address. Don’t make the mistake of joining every coupons site and manufacturer newsletter list with your main mail account. Get another free account from Yahoo or Gmail and make that your “deal mail” address. Check it before you go shopping every week so you won’t be bombarded with ads on a daily basis.”

Now, where to find some coupons for that grocery bill:

  1. RetailMeNot – Offers both Android & iPhone apps, plus easy to use website. This one is by far my favorite!
  2. – This website takes a bit of getting used too. I felt overwhelmed the first time I visited, but take your time getting to know the site! All the work is done for you.
  3. – The layout is similar to that of CouponMom, lots of information all at once! I’ve found it’s best used by selecting either the ‘coupons’ or ‘local coupons’ tab at the top.