4 Tips to Help You Score a Scholarship

If college is in your future, consider applying for a scholarship to help reduce your tuition costs. Here are some tips to help improve your chance of being selected anytime you apply.

Find A Scholarship.

There are thousands of scholarships available so check out websites like the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, and Scholarships.com. Consider all of your options and to not discount smaller scholarships or organizations. Usually, small organizations who offer scholarships have less people apply which creates less competition. Plus, multiple small scholarships can add up quickly.

Prepare to Apply.

Create a skill resume. This valuable self-summary will allow you to talk about your abilities and what you can provide in the college environment. Be sure to tailor your skillset to the specific scholarship or organization where you’re applying. Read and follow all of the directions that are provided to you. If you cannot follow instructions you won’t likely be selected. When it comes to your references, be sure to give your teacher, counselor, instructors and supervisors time to write their recommendation letters. People are eager to help out, especially if you give them a reasonable deadline so they are not rushed.

Write an Awesome Essay.

Create outlines for each of your scholarship essays to keep all of your thoughts organized and concise. If you find that you have a hard time sitting and writing an essay, audio record your response and then transcribe the information. It is usually easier to write about something you are passionate about so try to keep that in mind when picking your subject matter for the essay. Also, be sure to give examples to strengthen your story and make it more believable. The most important thing whenever it comes to the essay is to proofread it…several times. Try reading the essay out loud to make sure it sounds right and have a few (trusted) people to review it as well.

Watch Out for Scams.

Unfortunately, there are some fraudsters out there who want to take advantage of students searching for scholarships. Take caution with any site that you review. If there is a site that is guaranteeing something or asking for you to pay money to get a scholarship, do not trust them. Also, do not trust anyone who is asking for your bank account, credit card, or social security number.

Good luck with finding the right scholarship for you. The Apple Federal Credit Union Education Foundation awards 30 deserving students’ $4,000 scholarships each year.  Find out if you’re eligible and apply by January 31, 2015.

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