Senior Beach Week Prep Tips

A little preparation will help ensure your beach week vacation is a blast. Here are some tips to help make your trip flow as smoothly as the ocean.

Consider going in a group

As summer approaches, hotel and rental property prices rise. Cut the cost by planning to spend beach week with a larger group of people. If you go with a larger group, splitting the price can help you save big. Think about staying in a location that has kitchen amenities too. You’ll save quite a bit of money if you make your own dinner instead of eating out all week. Share cooking with other guests – pasta, burgers, salad and pizza are typically inexpensive crowd-pleasing favorites.

Bring sheets and towels

If you’re vacationing with load of people, there may not be enough sheets and towels to go around. Check with your hotel, rental agency or travel agent to find out if you should prepare to bring your own. It is always best to be overly prepared in this department especially when you may need more for extra guests, showering and sand.

Check local calendars

Don’t miss out on an awesome concert, beach event or nightlife party. Cities have local calendars where they provide events and highlights of areas that can be hidden gems.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Don’t spend half of your vacation suffering from sunburn or worse yet, sun poisoning. No one wants to party with a grumpy lobster.

However you choose to celebrate your graduation, we hope you have fun and stay safe. Congrats Class of 2014!

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